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Showcase Haze 70x32xh155cm, black

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Collection nmother product in a representative store! (Chest of drawers Haze, lined glass, black)

The industrially simple design with an elegant note acts as an effective interior element thanks to the slightly translucent glass.
Stylishly store kitchen utensils in the dining room, books and accessories in the living rooms or cosmetics in the bathroom - PThe casual cashmere metal wall cabinet blends gently into your everyday items by hiding the interior in several styles.

In addition to this product, the Haze series includes a chest of drawers and a wall cabinet, which combine to form a beautiful unified set at home. All Haze series products are available in black and beige.

DIMENSIONS: width 70cm, depth 32cm, height 155cm

MATERIAL: powder coated metal, glass

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 3-5 weeks

* This is a custom product.


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