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Carpet View 140x180cm, brownish-red

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The geometric shapes on the carpet and the design are inspired by the aerial view of our planet - imagine the dunes of the desert and the graphically impressive mountain peaks in earthy tones. The rug is hand-woven in the traditional weaving technique, using extremely soft yet durable New Zealand wool that has been intentionally left at different heights. With this model, it is possible to choose between two different color combinations: mild beige or earthy reddish-brown tones. 

Care: Initially, it is recommended to clean the carpet frequently with a vacuum cleaner to remove it naturally
 yarn fibers come off. Do not rub damp stains into the carpet, try soaking them in a paper towel and then clean them with a clean damp cloth. If necessary, dry cleaning can be used. 

DIMENSIONS: 140x180cm, height 3cm

MATERIAL: 100% New Zealand wool

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks


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