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Chhatwal & Jonsson

Carpet Una, brownish-red, different sizes

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Sample piece and series sample product (blue-beige) in the store!

Una is an aesthetically beautiful, environmentally friendly carpet. This series "Traceable" has been created following environmentally friendly certified processes. The carpets are designed to last a lifetime, to have the least possible impact on nature and to ensure the best possible working conditions for all those involved in the process. 

Chhatwal & Jonnson carpets are handmade in the Uttar Pradesh region of northern India, where carpets have been woven since the 16th century. The carpets are made of high quality and organic material. The brand aims to have a transparent supply chain from wool production in New Zealand to spinning, weaving, dyeing and washing in India.


Thanks to its abstract pattern and bold use of paint, Una is an effective floor covering that creates a warm and inviting foot with a soft composition.

It is recommended to vacuum the carpet regularly in a gentle mode. Do not rub or bleach vigorously. If a stain gets on the carpet, it should be cleaned immediately by moving from the edges to the center of the stain. It is recommended to use a base net under the carpet. 

DIMENSIONS: 180x270cm / 230x320cm / special size, height 1.5cm, which may vary as the carpet is hand trimmed

MATERIAL: 80% New Zealand wool, 20% BCI cotton (The Better Cotton Initiative)

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks

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