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Carpet Kelim Triangle 80x140cm

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Carpet is a great accessory to make the room complete and create coherence between furniture and accessories. The Kelim rug defines the traditional craftsmanship of Kelim by combining it with modern design language. Geometry and the use of bold colors are intertwined. The weave of the Kelim rug and the woolen yarn give a unique coarse-textured feel. 

The Kelim rug series is woven and dyed by hand, so the products of the same model may differ slightly from each other, but this is what gives the rug a personality. The carpet is made in the weaving technique "Punja", which is a traditional manual weaving on looms.

Use carpet in any room and enrich the interior with an eye-catching interior element.


Care: At first, it is recommended to vacuum the carpet frequently to remove naturally occurring yarn fibers. Do not rub damp stains into the carpet, try soaking them in a paper towel and later clean with a clean damp cloth. If necessary, dry cleaning can be used. 

DIMENSIONS: 80x140cm, height 2cm

MATERIAL: 80% wool and 20% cotton

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 3-5 weeks


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