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Carpet Ease Loop 140x200cm, natural white

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Weaving a carpet with two yarns of different thicknesses, thicker and thinner, results in an unevenly soft and three-dimensional texture. The yarn is woven from high quality wool. By placing the carpet in the living room or bedroom, you will feel as if you are walking in the air. The classic and sophisticated look makes the room complete. The carpet comes in two different sizes. 

Care: At first, it is recommended to clean the carpet frequently with a vacuum cleaner to remove naturally loose yarn fibers. Do not rub damp stains into the carpet, try soaking them in a paper towel and then clean them with a clean damp cloth. Dry cleaning can be used if necessary.  


DIMENSIONS: 140x200cm height 1.8cm


DELIVERY TIME: predictably 2-4 weeks

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