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101 Copenhagen

Vase Offset, mini 38x28x30cm, different colors

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101 Copenhagen is a Danish design brand founded in 2017 with a strong vision to create beautiful lighting and finely crafted high-quality accessories. The creation is based on traditional Scandinavian design and is inspired by Japan's approach to materials and techniques. The products are a combination of traditional design ideas, complemented by unique stories and symbols expressed in a minimalist idiom.

Offset is created by distorting the shape of a classic vase. The vase drastically changes the look depending on which side you look at. On the one hand, it mimics a traditional vase, but on the other, it becomes a sculptural object. The large offset vase is ideal for use on the floor with dried flowers or grasses.

Due to the hand-glazed surface, there may be differences in color tone. Although the product is not 100% waterproof, the set includes a plastic bag that can be filled with water to keep fresh flowers in a vase. On the other hand, it is also ideal for dried flowers and plants or just as a sculptural element in a room.

DIMENSIONS: width 38cm, height 30cm, depth 28cm

MATERIAL: fiber concrete

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks

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