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101 Copenhagen

Vase Cobra Uno Medio, 25cm, Bubble white

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A sample product of the series in a representative store! (Vase Cobra, low, white)

NB! The product is not waterproof, so it is suitable for dried flowers and plants or as a sculptural element.

101 Copenhagen is a Danish design brand founded in 2017 with a strong vision to create beautiful lighting and finely crafted high-quality accessories. The creation is based on traditional Scandinavian design and is inspired by Japan's approach to materials and techniques. 

The Cobra vase collection celebrates the absurd and playful silhouettes of the 1960s Cobra art movement. The collection seeks a balance between soft forms and architectural features. The design is based on quick sketches, from which human-like silhouettes gave birth to vases in the collection. 

The vases have a bubbly surface, which gives the products an interesting textured look. In addition to the interesting finish, the vases have extremely unique shapes, which allows you to create different compositions with flowers. If the vase is not currently used for flowers, it will act as a sculptural accessory in the room.

DIMENSIONS: width 30cm, depth 10 cm, height 25 cm

MATERIAL: ceramics

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks

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