Foot bench Dedo with textile upholstery, different colors

Foot bench Dedo with textile upholstery, different colors

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Sample product in the store! (white oil, leather - stone 1436)

Tumba Dedo is a minimalist but stylish piece of furniture that can be used either as an extension of an armchair from the same series or as a separate seat. The solid wood body with beautiful curves and smooth surface is covered with a padded textile cover.

Tumba coating is an environmentally friendly material with 100% natural composition. It is made of 70% wool and 30% linen. In addition to its stylish appearance and softness, it has a variety of good properties - it is breathable, antistatic, temperature-resistant, easy to clean and durable.

The product's valued durable materials ensure the product's longevity. 

In addition to different fabric colors, the dark wooden frame is available in two shades - white or natural oil finish. Product images have a white finish.

Material samples in the store!

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DIMENSIONS: 62x46cm, height 40cm

MATERIAL: solid oak, woven fabric

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 6-10 weeks

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