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Printed Floating Leaves A3, different shapes

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The prints featuring artistic pages have been produced in collaboration with the manufacturer MOEBE, two design studios in Copenhagen - Paper Collective and Norm Architects. Transparent works have been created especially for MOEBE Frame picture frames. (NB! Frames are sold separately, find them from here

Floating Leaves prints convey the illusion that they are real leaves, allowing you to invite evergreen greenery into the room.  

Norm Architects designer Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen describes the Japanese a photo series inspired by the wabi-sabi philosophy: 

The photographs of 'Sabi Leaves' are inspired by herbarium and classic botanical illustrations. Playing with the elements of drying and decay, the works give a special impression as if the process had been stopped over time.

The leaves are protected from the sun, wind, rain, cold and heat and seem to have stored their past in the form of cracks, spots, wrinkles and paint. Thanks to the transparency of the works and the Frame frames used to frame them, the pages achieve a unique multidimensional effect that conventional poster printing does not allow. '


Place the works in transparent frames of different sizes and finishes, and create eye-catching decorations by supporting or hanging them on the wall. 



DIMENSIONS: 42x29.70cm

MATERIAL: UV print on transparent foil


04: predictably 3-5 weeks

03: 1-3 days (1pc), 2+ predictably 3-5 weeks

01: predictably 3-5 weeks

02: predictably 3-5 weeks

07: predictably 1-3 days

09: predictably 3-5 weeks


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