Stange Frame, 88x53cm, black

Stange Frame, 88x53cm, black

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Ceclia Xinyu Zhang, 2018 

Thinking like an architect but creating like an artist, the designer came up with a unique space-saving design that looks like a modern work of art. Despite the specific outlines, the bar is by nature a multifunctional product that provides space for clothes, towels and other hanging items. 

By 'opening' the frame, it ejects away from the wall, forming a stepped shape from the tubular elements. At rest, the articulated bar retracts and returns to the two-dimensional position.

The frame is inspired by the principle of 'space in space', which results in three-dimensional images hidden inside each other.


The eye-catching Frame is perfect for public spaces such as shops and hotels, as well as for home or work environments. The stylish matte gray finish skillfully adapts to a variety of colors. 


DIMENSIONS: width 88cm, height 53cm

MATERIAL: powder coated steel

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 3-5 weeks

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