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Dining chair Oaki, smoked oak

Dining chair Oaki, smoked oak

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The Oaki dining chair is a work of Norwegian designer Stine Aas from 2018, in which Nordic traditions meet Japanese art. The chair is inspired by the artistry and simplicity that characterizes traditional Japanese masterpiece woodwork. It is as if the one-piece chair has been finished to the last detail and refined to give the chair a weightless impression.

The legs of the chair add to its uniqueness with their unique position - as if starting to move backwards, these chairs make them live. The oak dining chair is a detailed and unique piece of furniture that is available in three different finishes - natural, smoked and black.

In addition to this wooden version, the Oaki dining chair is also available with an upholstered seat. 

Also check out the Oaki armchair in different finishes.

DIMENSIONS: width 56cm, depth 53cm, height 75cm, seat height 46cm

MATERIAL: solid oak, laminated oak plywood

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 3-5 weeks

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