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Dining chair with Nora plywood seat, wood finishes

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As Einstein once said, "Everything must be done as easily as possible, but not more easily." It is from this quote that the Nora collection is inspired.

The smooth-surfaced solid wood dining chair Nora has such a simple and minimalist design, but that is why it is special and eye-catching. The chair is also very light in weight so you can place it, according to your mood, wherever you want.

The chair is available in four shades - white oil, natural oil or black lacquer finish. The product pictures have variants with white oil and black lacquer finish. The product's valued durable materials ensure its long-term durability. Also available in different colors with leather or textile upholstery.


* This is a custom-made product

DIMENSIONS: width 45cm, depth 47cm, height 79cm, seat height 47cm

MATERIAL: solid oak, oak plywood seat

DELIVERY TIME: predictable 3-8 weeks - express delivery subject to availability

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