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Dining chair Herman, metal frame / wooden seat, different colors

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Sample product in the store! (natural oak)

The chair, created by Herman Studio, is elegant and well-thought-out and has such a comfortable design that the seater clings to it for hours. The light and welcoming-looking chair fits behind the dining table but is also great for larger conference rooms. 

In addition to the backrest, the broadly curved backrest of the chair also functions as an armrest, the oval-shaped seat rises slightly from the edges - the wide curves seem to grab you into your arms.

Herman chairs with a high-quality design can be easily stacked and even hung on the table - as a clever detail, the corners of the wooden backrest are designed so that you can hang the chair on the table if necessary and make floor washing easy and smooth, for example.

In the case of a dining chair, you can choose between two frames with different metal finishes and different seat covers. This product is a chair with a metal frame and oak plywood seat and back, which is available in a wide and modern range of colors.

Felt floor protectors are also available - ask for information.

The Herman chair collection includes a number of different chairs and stands. Check out the other chairs in the series!

See the PDF product page here

DIMENSIONS: width 50cm, height 74cm, depth 47cm, seat height 45cm

MATERIAL: oak / walnut / island plywood, chrome / powder coated steel

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks

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