Dining chair C-Chair, plywood / various wood finishes

Dining chair C-Chair, plywood / various wood finishes

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Sample product in a representative store! (French rattan wicker / black frame)

The C-Chair dining chair is one of the most famous creations of French designer Marcel Gascoin since 1947. The chair represents not only the designer's aesthetic and practical design language, but also the social conscience he demonstrated in France in the post-war years. The dining chair was originally designed for homes after the Second World War, which were more compact in size. Based on this, Gascoin designed simple but functional furniture. Special attention has been paid to details when designing elegant furniture with a smart design. With a strong design language, but at the same time a simple, high-quality chair with its characteristic volumes and strong legs and an inviting seat made of a lighter material, it fits into any modern space.

This product is a plywood seat and backrest and a version with wooden legs in different finishes. The Bco Table and S-Table dining tables of the Gascoin collection are an ideal companion to the chairs.

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DIMENSIONS: width 41cm, depth 53cm, height 79cm, seat height 43.5cm

MATERIAL: plywood, oiled american walnut, smoked oak - lacquered matt, oiled oak, lacquered matt black stained oak

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-3 weeks

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