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Dining table Tink, green, different sizes

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Dining table Tink is a simple piece of furniture with an eye-catching detail - this 
airy table legs are like wings preparing to fly in the air. As a result, the dining table is named after Peeter Paan's fairy tale, named after the fairy Tinker Bell.

A minimalist solid wood table with beautiful curves and a smooth surface brings freshness and airiness to your room with a light but high-quality design. Despite its light appearance, the table is very stable and is perfect as a desk in the dining room, children's room and office.

The green surface on the table is linoleum, which is a valued and durable material with a natural composition. In addition to a stylish matte finish and smooth surface, it has a variety of good properties - it is waterproof, antistatic, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and absorbs sound. There are also no fingerprints or markings on the surface.

The durable materials of the tink dining table ensure the long-term durability of the product and are therefore valued both in homes and in public spaces. 

In addition to various surface finishes, the table frame is available in two colors - white or natural oil finish. Product images have a white finish.

Material samples in the office!


* This is a custom-made product

DIMENSIONS: lengths 160/180/200 / 220cm, width 90cm, height 75cm

MATERIAL: solid oak, linoleum

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 8-10 weeks

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