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Sofa Paradiso, double, different colors

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The retro-looking Paradiso series products have a playful design that brings space to life and creates an environment that invites you to enjoy moments together. Although the Paradiso series products are designed for outdoor use, they are also ideal for a variety of indoor uses. A padded backrest and a soft seat add comfort to the metal frame of the sofa. For a finished look, combine the sofa with the Paradiso series auxiliary / sofa tables.

In addition to the aesthetic appearance, Isimar outdoor furniture is of high quality, easy to store and well-resistant to weather conditions, which makes it suitable for a home terrace or balcony and also perfect for the restaurant's outdoor area during the summer season. All pillows and upholstery are made of durable acrylic fabric, which is anti-mold and fade-resistant, UV-resistant and water-resistant. 

Sofa frame and upholstery are available wide range of colors - choose a more neutral tone or add playfulness with a brighter color. You can find out more about the materials and the choice of colors in our representative store, where we are happy to help you make a choice.

The products are made of 100% recycled and recyclable materials. As a special order, the products can be customized (special colors, levelers, ground mounts, sunshade holes and laser-cut names, logos or patterns) - ask for more information about different options and prices. 

When ordering, specify the fabric. 

DIMENSIONS: width 135cm, depth 68cm, height 74cm, seat height 44cm

WEIGHT: 20kg

MATERIAL: galvanized steel - coated with matt textured polyester powder paint, various acrylic fabrics

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 4-6 weeks

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