Ceiling lamp Howard Ø16cm, gray / brass

Ceiling lamp Howard Ø16cm, gray / brass

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The Howard luminaire collection, created by the Danish design duo Space Copenhagen, is named after the hotel in New York for which the luminaires were originally designed. The collection was inspired by the industrial aesthetics and metropolitan character of the metropolis, which also became a pervasive feature in the creation of the hotel's interior design concept. The project won the 2019 International Hotel Renovation and Restoration Award AHEAD.

Howard luminaires create a welcoming atmosphere, making them suitable not only for public spaces but also for the home environment. The ceiling lamp is covered with brass on the inside, which gently reflects light and fills the room with warm and cozy light. Use them alone or combine into several stylish clusters to achieve an impressive lighting installation in a room.

The Howard series also includes ceiling lamps and chandeliers in various sizes.

DIMENSIONS: dome diameter 16cm, dome height 16.5cm, lamp height 35.4cm, cable length 4m


DELIVERY TIME: predicted in 2-4 weeks

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