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Wall lamp BL10, chrome / different colors

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A sample product of the series in a representative store! (Wall lamp BL7, gray / brass) 

The Bestlite series is a collection of luminaires influenced by the design flow of the Bauhaus, created in 1930 by the British designer Robert Dudley Best. Due to their functionality - a flexible lamp shank and the ability to direct light without shadows - the wall lamp was originally used by tailors. Today, the functional wall lamp is widely used as a night and reading lamp and adds a unique character and intensity to the room.

The breakthrough of the Bestlite series in the world of design took place thanks to the well-known magazine "Architects Journal", where the Bestlite luminaire was awarded the title of "the first British proof of the Bauhaus". This was accompanied by a high demand for luminaires. Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill personally chose a BL1 table lamp for his desk in Whitehall, which, according to historical sources, he carried on trips around the world. It was a major breakthrough for the luminaire, which made it a true design classic.

Authentic design with a long history remains close to its roots even today and corresponds to its original design. The design gem, loved by architects and designers, is on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London as well as the Design Museum in London.

The Bestlite BL collection also includes a selection of table, floor and wall luminaires in different finishes.

The color of the switch corresponds to the color of the dome.

Max power 28W halogen, 6W LED (light bulb not included)

DIMENSIONS: dome Ø16x13cm, height 42-53cm, cable length 230cm

MATERIAL: chrome, powder coated metal

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-3 weeks

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