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Shelving System add-ons

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Sample shelf in the store! (black frame with natural oak)

Turn around. Expand. Go wider, narrower. Go higher.

The Shelving System shelving system consists of modules that provide endless possibilities and the freedom to create a unique piece of furniture that meets your needs and space possibilities.

The modules of the system are legs of different lengths, a shelf plate, a desk plate, the back of the shelf, a cabinet and a hanger tube. The pieces are available in different finishes and therefore go well with any style and color scheme.

Combine these modules with shelf legs or add to the configurations previously created by the manufacturer, which you will find from here



Cabinet: width 85cm, height 45cm, depth 35cm

Shelf plate: 85x35cm

Tagus: 75x25cm

Desk plate: 85x52cm

Clothes hanger: 91cm


DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-3 weeks

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