Ladder Nook, 190cm

Ladder Nook, 190cm

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Cecilia Xinyu Zhang, 2018

The ladder with its geometric shape and bold contrasts is almost like a modern work of art in the interior. It would be hard to imagine that it is actually a practical household tool on which clothes and textiles, household utensils, magazines, decorative picture frames and much more can be placed. The light and easy-to-move ladder is a space-saving design that helps to organize things at the same time and keep them conveniently at hand.

The eye-catching Nook is perfect for public spaces such as shops and hotels, as well as for the home or work environment. The stylish matte gray finish skillfully adapts to a variety of colors. 


DIMENSIONS: height 190cm, width 42-68cm

MATERIAL: powder coated steel

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 3-5 weeks

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