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Mirror Peek, Oval, small 60x40cm

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One look at the Peek series mirrors is enough to notice how effective the effect they are in the interior. 

The Peek series includes smaller decorative mirrors and larger ones that reflect more of the surroundings. The surface of the mirror is coated, resulting in a reflection with a silver effect.

You can choose from four different options: both round and oval in two sizes. All versions are surrounded by a black frame, which creates a strong border by drawing the shape of a mirror. The glass does not completely fill the form but leaves an open part between the frame and the glass, which creates an attractive design element for the mirror. 

Wall mounts are multi-directional, which means that mirrors can be placed on the wall both vertically and horizontally.


width 40cm, height 60cm

MATERIAL: steel, tinted glass

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks

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