Dining table GUBI, 90x180cm, different wood finishes

Dining table GUBI, 90x180cm, different wood finishes

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The design studio Komplot Design's creation of 2013 GUBI dining table is a beautiful addition to any modern interior. The classic-looking wooden table complements the different styles of dining chairs, but thanks to the similar design language and aesthetics that keep the curved line, it is ideal for combination with GUBI 3D plywood dining chairs.

This product is a rectangular wooden dining table measuring 90x180cm. Check out the other tables in the GUBI dining table collection in different variations!

DIMENSIONS: 180x90cm, height 73cm

MATERIAL: lacquered half matte island with black stain / lacquered semi-matte oak / lacquered semi-matte American black walnut

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks

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