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Rectangular mirror Adnet, black leather, different sizes - Nordic Design Home

Rectangular mirror Adnet, black leather, different sizes

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In 1950, French Art Deco designer and architect Jaques Adnet formed a partnership with the Hermés Fashion House. Combining the designer's innovation and the fashion house's knowledge and experience in working with high-quality leather, it was born a discreet but unique collection of leather furniture and interior accessories was born as a collaboration. Among them was a risky mirror Adnet Rectangulaire, whose leather frame is decorated with polished brass details characteristic of Adnet's work.

Combining the simplicity of the rectangular shape with the warmth of the skin and fine details creates a unique design. The mirror acts as a beautiful focal point on each wall, reflecting light and adding depth and magic to the room.

Thanks to the two different sizes, the mirror works well in the hallway, bathroom, wardrobe and living room, and is suitable for use both vertically and horizontally, or simply supported against a wall. In addition to different sizes there are The mirror is available in two shades - black and brown.

Also check out the round Adnet mirrors in different sizes and colors, the exclusive Alcantara fabric frame and the mirrors in different shades.

DIMENSIONS: medium 6,5x70x115 cm / large 6,5x70x180 cm

MATERIAL: mirror glass, full leather, brass

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 3-5 weeks


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