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Mirror Rise & Shine, burnt oak / steel

Mirror Rise & Shine, burnt oak / steel

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Design: Hunting & Narud, 2016

The Rise & Shine wall mirror uses bold shapes with an asymmetrical composition to create an element with a moving function in each room. The centerpiece of oak brings softness in contrast to other materials and allows the mirror and metal parts to be pushed and pulled against each other, providing a constantly changing reflection point. Whether the mirror is used for various functions or simply as an intriguing sculptural element in the interior, Rise and Shine offers a prominent center full of balance and movement.

This product is a burnt oak mount and a mirror with a steel weight. See also the mirror with natural oak and brass parts here

Check out the PDF product page here

DIMENSIONS: width 45cm, depth 7cm, height 215cm, mirror diameter 45cm

MATERIAL: mirror glass, oak, steel

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks 

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