Flowerpot Oasis, small Ø15cm, different colors

Flowerpot Oasis, small Ø15cm, different colors

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These self-watering flower pots consist of two parts, the upper one is a pot for planting and the lower one is a container with an integrated water tank. Through the opening on the side, you can fill a glazed waterproof container, which keeps the part of the unglazed flower pot where water can penetrate, always keeping the soil moist. 

Terracotta flower pots are available in three different sizes in different color combinations. Terracotta is a natural material whose unglazed surface can change color over time. White lines may appear due to salt coming out of the clay.

DIMENSIONS: diameter 15cm, height 13cm

MATERIAL: unglazed and glazed terracotta

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 3-5 weeks

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