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Table lamp Gräshoppa, different colors - Nordic Design Home

Table lamp Gräshoppa, different colors

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A sample product of the series in a representative store! (floor lamp - olive green)

The exquisite yet playful table lamp Gräshoppa is the work of designer Greta M. Grossman since 1947, which has not lost its charm even today. The original product of the Gräshoppa series - a floor lamp - is a unique tripod-like lamp base reminiscent of a tripod, giving the impression that it is alive and chasing prey. A curved stem similar to a table lamp derived from a floor lamp skillfully conveys the same nature.

The Gräshoppa series is a perfect example of a designer's playful handwriting - a functional yet simple design in a modern key. The stylish lamp shade brings a beautiful modern yet classic elegance to any interior, to which a versatile range of colors adds playfulness. The elongated conical rotating shade allows the light to be directed as needed, making it an ideal luminaire for reading.

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Light switch - brass

E14 - Max power 28W halogen, 6W LED (bulb not included)

DIMENSIONS: dome - Ø14.5x19.7cm, height 41cm, cable length 230cm

MATERIAL: lacquered metal, brass

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks

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