Table lamp Formakami JH18
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Table lamp Formakami JH18

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Samples of the Formakam series in the store! (Ceiling lamps)

Jaime Hayon, the designer of the Formakam lamp series, once again challenges traditions and habit. The extra light rice paper lamp takes a template from a traditional Chinese lantern but has taken on a new and modern shape.

Asian lanterns have been popular for centuries in both affluent and poorer communities, and their different colors and shapes have different meanings. Lanterns often have a symbolic meaning to bring hope by scaring away darkness.

By combining different shapes and using white delicate tissue paper, the designer emphasizes their lightness. A black oak ring adds an accent to the ivory handmade lamp.

You can get a particularly beautiful result by combining Formakam luminaires.

The luminaire is dimmable, there is space for two bulbs in the construction.

DIMENSIONS: diameter 38cm, height 50cm

MATERIAL: handmade old white rice paper, black tinted oak

DELIVERY TIME: 2-3 weeks

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