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Ceiling lamp Semi Ø30cm, different metal finishes

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Nmother product store! (black Ø30cm & 47cm)

Semi ceiling lamp is the work of designers Claus Bonderup and Torsten Thorup since 1968. In response to the so-called cozy era that dominated Denmark at the time, where soft and organic forms made waves, two designers designed the complete opposite - a simple, clean geometric ceiling lamp Semi and achieved recognition and iconic destiny throughout the world.

The uniquely designed Semi pendant luminaire is a true masterpiece that acts as an eye-catching design element in a room with a simple but elegant curved design and beautifully incident diffused light. Thanks to the versatile choice of colors and finishes, different sizes and timeless design, the ceiling lamp is suitable for use in different rooms, both in the home environment and in public spaces. 

This product is a smaller version of the Semi collection in different metal finishes.

E14 - Max power 28W halogen, 6W LED (bulb not included)

DIMENSIONS: dome Ø30x15cm, lamp height 22cm, cable length 400cm


DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks

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