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Ceiling lamp Satellite Ø27cm, different colors - Nordic Design Home

Ceiling lamp Satellite Ø27cm, different colors

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A sample product of the series in a representative store! (Wall lamp - black)

The two-size Satellite ceiling lamp is the creation of the French designer Mathieu Mategot since 1953. The geometric shape of the luminaire and the organic lampshade make it an aesthetically outstanding sculptural light source. The name given to the luminaire by the designer is a nod to the development of technology and science after World War II.

The satellite luminaire keeps a recognizable author's own technique To Rigitulle a line where the designer has turned a strong sheet of metal into a moldable material. The perforated metal is bent and folded, creating a soft fabric-like material that takes the designer's desired shape.

The metal with fine holes creates an exciting play of light and shadow, which, combined with a special shape and color, gives the impression of a hanging decoration. The luminaire is well suited for both public spaces and home environments and is a timelessly beautiful choice thanks to its status as a modern design classic.


This product is a larger version of the Satellite luminaire. Check out the smaller size and combine different variants and color tones for a particularly effective result. Kbut also a single hanging luminaire is an eye-catching design element in the interior.


According to Mategot's original design, the light bulb and ceiling socket are not included in the set, but the products can be purchased separately - ask for more information.


E27 - Max power 60W halogen, 10W LED 

DIMENSIONS: lampshade Ø 57cm, dome Ø 27,2cm, lamp height 38,5cm, cable length 480cm


DELIVERY TIME: predicted 3-5 weeks


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