Ceiling lamp Reveal, Ø35cm

Ceiling lamp Reveal, Ø35cm

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Ceiling lamp Reveal is a creation of Norwegian designer Silje Nesdal, which combines modern design and traditional handicrafts. Masterfully blown glass domes are unique and make each Reveal luminaire special. The luminaire with Scandinavian curved yet clean lines is minimalistly elegant and fits into any interior.

The vertical LED light tube holds the smoked glass dome in place, creating a balance between the structure of the dome and the light source. The modestly subtle tones reflect the beautifully glowing light on the Norwegian coast, which provided Nordic design and inspiration.

The light bulb is included in the set. 

DIMENSIONS: diameter 35cm, cable length 370cm

MATERIAL: blown glass, acrylic, aluminum

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks

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