Ceiling lamp Fornell ABF1, different colors
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Ceiling lamp Fornell ABF1, different colors

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Lamp designer Swedish architect Anderas Bozarth Fornell wanted to create a lamp that would not absorb energy from the room, but also add to it - so the Fornell luminaire was inspired by the American artist Donald Judd, who was the forerunner of the minimalist movement and also known for the use of industrial materials. 

Made of minimalist aluminum different The finished luminaire is the result of playing with the material and various tests. 

Light bulb included (28 Watt LED, 1500 lumens, 3000K)

MATERIAL: stainless steel (matt finish on the outside, high-polished finish on the inside), PC diffuser 

DIMENSIONS: lampshade height 6cm, length 120cm, width 7,5cm, cord length 6m

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-3 weeks 

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