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Ceiling lamp Formakami JH3

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Jaime Hayon, the designer of Formakam's ceiling lamp series, once again challenges traditions and habit. The extra light rice paper ceiling lamp takes a template from a traditional Chinese lantern but has taken on a new and modern shape.

Asian lanterns have been popular for centuries in both affluent and poorer communities, and their different colors and shapes have different meanings. Lanterns often have a symbolic meaning to bring hope by scaring away darkness.

By combining different shapes and using white delicate tissue paper, the designer emphasizes their lightness.

A black oak ring adds an accent to the ivory handmade lamp. Each luminaire tilts only 1 kg and the diameter varies from 46 centimeters to 70 cm.

You can get a particularly beautiful result by combining Formakam luminaires.


Max 60 W

DIMENSIONS: diameter 46cm, height 68cm, 4m black fabric cord

MATERIAL: handmade old white rice paper, black tinted oak


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