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Ceiling / wall lamp Over Me Ø30cm, different colors

Ceiling / wall lamp Over Me Ø30cm, different colors

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The Over Me flat luminaire is minimalist and stylish. The lamp, which consists of a smooth metal frame and a light-scattering screen, emits light in all directions thanks to its round flat shape. 

Thanks to the clean design and the possibility to attach directly to the surface, Over Me is a beautiful accent to various modern and unique interiors. It is a stylish solution for low ceilings and also looks beautiful in the hallway, kitchen and bathroom - especially since the luminaire is suitable for use in damp rooms. At the same time, it also acts as a beautiful decoration on the wall.

Over Me is available fourth shades - pale blue, dark gray, white and black, in addition fourth size. Combine different variants for an eye-catching installation or place a single lamp for lighting, in any case it is a beautiful addition to the interior of Over Me

E27 Max. 2 x 13W LED (use only LED bulb!)


DIMENSIONS: diameter 30cm, height 14cm

MATERIAL: steel, glass (moisture resistant)

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 3-5 weeks

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