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Chest of drawers 62, with four drawers

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Chest of drawers 62 is the work of Swedish designer Greta M. Grossman since 1952. This design was ten years old, which is why it was named Chest of Drawers 62. The design of the product reflects the designer's sympathy for exceptional shapes and unusual combinations of materials. 

The 62 collection presents a visual contrast between the spacious storage space and the legs of the designer, which are supported by small wooden buttons, as a result of which the chest of drawers leaves a light, even weightless impression. 
As an elegant yet unique accent, the walnut chest of drawers is decorated with a glossy deep black surface and round solid wood cabinet knobs.

This product is a version of the series with four large drawers. Also check out the other chests of different sizes in the 62 collections, which are available with three and six drawers. Grossman's work also includes Desk 62 in the same style.

Product images come in different sizes. 

DIMENSIONS: width 80cm, 
depth 45cm, height 89cm

MATERIAL: black walnut, glossy black laminate

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-3 weeks

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