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Watering can Grab, light yellow

Watering can Grab, light yellow

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Sample product in the store! (plum purple and dark green)

Stine Aas, 2019

Every home needs greenery and this in turn is a stylish watering can like Grab. A functional yet chic watering can feels good in the garden and on the balcony of the apartment at the same time as in the winter garden or greenhouse. Thanks to its convenient size, the grab watering can is easy to grasp, which eliminates the need for a handle. The grab is light enough to irrigate higher plants without dropping a drop of water.

Like the water that the watering can holds, Grab has a flowing nature. The design is simple and original, it consists of two cylindrical tubes that connect to each other at the end of the spout. If Grab is not currently in use, it is an eye-catching accessory among plants.

Grab is available in three colors - dark green, light yellow and deep plum.


DIMENSIONS: width 6.4cm, length 23cm, height 23cm

MATERIAL: stainless steel 

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 3-5 weeks

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