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Wireless table lamp Luceo, different colors - Nordic Design Home

Wireless table lamp Luceo Ø9x22cm, different colors

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The word Luceo comes from Latin and means 'shine'.

When creating the first luminaire series, the Danish brand AYTM set out to create products that illuminate the room but at the same time play with a cozy glow. The combination of gold or matt black metal and glass attracts attention and creates an interesting contrast between different materials. 

The round figures of Luceo luminaires are inspired by Roman aqueducts, which dates back to the 19th century. Kr were an important trade route. Although the image has its roots in ancient architecture, it is still popular today and surprisingly modern. 

This product is a Luceo series wireless table lamp that offers many options to the user. The luminaire is convenient to carry and place on any surface, providing cozy lighting even in areas where the wires would be left: table and shelf surfaces, niches in the walls, terrace or minimalist display on the windowsill. The Luceo lamp can follow you throughout the day and illuminate any surface, any area.

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DIMENSIONS: diameter 9cm, height 22cm

MATERIAL: powder coated steel, glass

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks

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