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Seat cushion SAC for dining chair, gray

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The SAC seat cushion is designed for a collection dining chair. The gray pillow is covered with a fabric called Breeze Fusion, which is made of 88% New Zealand wool and 22% polyamide.

Designer Naoya Matsuo has beautifully combined Japanese and Scandinavian design for the SAC chair. Wood and metal are elegantly associated with soft and round shapes. Thanks to the curved back, the chairs are easy to store. The airy design of the SAC makes this chair ideal for an urban environment, they have enough character to fit behind a large rustic dining table and are definitely a prominent element in restaurants or meeting rooms. 

Naoya Matsuo is a Tokyo-born designer whose works can be found in the product range of the Danish brand WOUD, for example. He has studied in both Tokyo and London, focusing on product design and woodworking. 

DIMENSIONS: 41x43.5cm, height 0.6cm


Breeze Fusion 4001 (hall)

Composition: 88% New Zealand wool and 12% polyamide

Martindale (wear) 100

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 3-4 weeks

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