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Extendable dining table S-Table, 95x220 / 270 / 320cm, walnut

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Marcel Gascoin originally designed the S-Table for SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) officers and therefore got its name - Shape Table. Gascoin's commitment to combining functionality and elegance can be seen in this design. Simple conical legs, a durable frame and a space-saving rectangular table top make it a modern but timeless piece of furniture. 

At the same time, the table offers flexibility thanks to two extensions. The extensions add up to a meter of extra space to the table, allowing ten to twelve people to sit behind the table. After a grand dinner with family and friends, the table is easy to fold back and the extensions fastened under the table until next time.

Made of oak or American walnut, the S-Table is suitable for interiors in any style and color scheme due to its minimalist form and timeless materials.

The table is an ideal companion for the dining chairs of the C-Chair collection created by the designer.

DIMENSIONS: width 95cm, height 75cm, length 220/270 / 320cm

MATERIAL: matt lacquered American walnut

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-3 weeks

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