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Essence Of Ballet 01 / Ingrid Bugge

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Paper Collective 

The Danish brand Paper Collective brings together renowned designers, artists and illustrators to provide inspiring graphic works while promoting charity. The three most important principles of the brand are social responsibility, sustainability and strong creative partnerships.

Paper Collective believes that good design can do more than just look good - that's why part of every purchase goes to support a charity project. Paper Collective is currently building a school for hundreds of children in rural Nepal. 

As a sustainable company, all production takes place in the brand's country of origin, Denmark, using high-quality materials. Paper Collective has the official Nordic recognition of sustainability - the Swan label. 

Paper Collective curates creations from artists around the world to create a limited amount of works that kadorn modern homes and interiors. The brand's diverse selection offers art for projects of any style. 


Essence Of Ballet 01

Designer: Ingrid Bugge

About the work:

The dancers fascinated Ingrid Bugge's heart after watching the Royal Danish Ballet for two years. His work tells of the dancers' challenges, victories and stories they tell with their bodies. The aim of the project is to capture and summarize moments from performances that reveal the nature of ballet.


Danish photographer Ingrid Bugge uses the human body as her main source of inspiration. Borrowing refined techniques from Renaissance painters, he is able to manipulate light and darkness, performing both sensual and dream effects.


The picture frame is sold separately, you will find a selection from here.

An image purchased without a frame is transported rolled in a strong cardboard tube.

In addition to the given sizes, the work is available in different sizes. Contact us and ask for more!

MATERIAL: FSC sustainable label, acid free 200g uncoated paper. Made in Denmark with Swan certification.

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 3-4 weeks

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