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Drinking trolley Matégot, gray / black

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The Matégot drinking trolley in different colors is the work of Mathieu Matégot, the founder of the groundbreaking Rigitulle technique, from 1953-1954. The spacious drinking trolley is designed with two bases - the upper, which is available in different colors, and the lower, which is left in a neutral black tone to maintain balance.

The uniqueness of the geometric shapes is added to the Rigitulle trolley with a curved magazine holder, which proves the author's technique, being flexible like tulle but at the same time with the strength of metal. Wheels add lightness to the drink trolley, which makes the shelf slide easily - so you can place it in the kitchen or living room according to your mood and use it to serve drinks to guests.

The different color solutions of the drinking trolley will help you find the right one for your home, continuing in neutral tones or adding playfulness to the interior with brighter colors.

DIMENSIONS: width 75,5cm, depth 57cm, belly height 72,5cm, table top height 69,5cm

MATERIAL: steel, perforated steel

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-3 weeks


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