Side table / shelf Column JA1, different finishes
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Side table / shelf Column JA1, different finishes

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A sample product of the series in a representative store! (shelf Column JA2, black anodized aluminum / walnut)

English designer John Astbury played with proportions, surfaces and different materials to create more than just a shelf, but in a way that didn't look overly staged. The result? Two different shapes with different finishes that complement each other perfectly. This product, a round shelf, is the ideal companion for a larger, rectangular shelf with rounded corners. Pair the shelves and place them at different heights or use the products individually. The smaller shelf fits well as a side table next to the sofa or bed, the larger one can also hold books and houseplants. 


DIMENSIONS: diameter 25cm, height 17cm

MATERIAL: aluminum, black anodized aluminum, walnut

DELIVERY TIME: predicted in 3-5 weeks

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