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Sofa / side table Beetle, different table leg and surface finishes, Ø70cm

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The world-famous Beetle collection has been created by the renowned Danish-Italian design duo GamFrates, which combines Danish and international design traditions. When creating the Beetle series, the designers learned from the nature of this four-legged insect and its characteristic features such as shape, shell and connections, rigid casing and soft body.

The Beetle furniture collection has flourished into a series with unlimited possibilities, which today includes dining and bar stools, an armchair with a footstool, a luxurious sofa and tables of various sizes. Due to its status as a modern design icon, the Beetle series is a particularly popular choice in restaurants and hotels around the world.  

The light and simple Beetle table is ideal for use in various cafés, restaurants and other public spaces. The medium-sized table is ideal as a coffee table or cocktail table in a bar, as a side table in the hotel lobby or lobby, but of course this stylish table is also a beautiful piece of furniture for the home environment.


To suit different environments, the Beetle table is available in many different variations - different sizes and many material combinations, and with a round or rectangular table top. Combine different shapes and materials to achieve a unique design.

DIMENSIONS: diameter 70cm, height 60cm

MATERIAL: Metal, Marble / Nano Laminate

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-3 weeks

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