Sofa Develius #B, velvet, different colors
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Sofa Develius #B, velvet, different colors

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NB! In addition to velvet, the sofa can be ordered with different fabrics and shades, the preparation time of which is 6-8 weeks. All fabric samples are available at our representative store in Tallinn at Pärnu mnt. 10, where we are also happy to help you combine modules into a special solution.


Designer: Edward van Vliet, 2018

The Develius sofa offers a luxurious break. The system modules, created by Danish designer Edward van Vliet, consist of giant pillows. The ultra-modern design allows the modules to be combined in endless ways, creating a personal sofa and a paradise of your own.

This variant is a pre-assembled velvet-covered product - it combines one wide and one wide module with an extended seat section, which provide a comfortable seat for three or four people. Choose your favorite from the color tones. 

Loose pillows are not included but are available for purchase separately.


The Develius system consists of a total of 16 modules, with widths and depths and shapes from rectangle to square. The range includes variants with and without armrests, as well as dumb and comfortable loose pillows in different sizes. To create a special solution from the modules, contact our team or visit our representative store.

Assemble the modules into a comfortable seating area in a private corner or instead create a luxurious seating area in a public space. Why not combine a comfortable seat for two or an extended option for a larger family. You can use Tumba as a stylish help desk. The possibilities with Develius modules are indeed endless.

See the PDF product page here


DIMENSIONS: width 220cm, depth 89 / 150cm, seat depth 62/124, height 70cm, seat height 42cm, armrest height 60cm



Velvet (shade samples in the shop)

Top layer - 100% cotton

Overall composition - 82% cotton, 9% modal, 9% polyester

Light consumption (5 (ISO 1-8)

Martindale - 100


DELIVERY TIME: 6-8 weeks

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