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Sofa / side table IOI, Ø50cm, various marble surfaces and leg finishes

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Sample product in a representative store! (gray Emperador marble / chrome)

IOI coffee tables from the work of the renowned Danish-Italian design duo GamFrates glorify Italian materials - they combine luxurious brass with gray Emperador and white Carrara marble. The use of marble shows a growing respect for authentic and organic materials. A careful selection of tones and textures keeps the materials alive when the final design is completed. The surface tiles are selected with careful precision in view of the beautiful meandering groove pattern, which creates a unique personality for each table. 

Based on geometric Art Deco lines, GamFrates creates a collection with a modern design language. IOI products share a common motif of 'sticks and spheres', which are reflected in the form of the letters that make up the name - pronounced 'io'.

The pairs of tables are connected by a small solid brass sphere, which acts as a functional, leg pair-strengthening separator as well as a well-thought-out signature element or 'pause', which emphasizes its own materiality as well as its delicate and elegant profile. 

IOI coffee tables with three heights and diameters are beautiful both individually in the company of GUBI's rich sofas and armchairs, as well as in pairs and even groups. 

Also check out the mirror with the signature elements of the IOI collection.

DIMENSIONS: diameter 50cm, height 50cm

MATERIAL: marble, chrome / powder coated metal

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-3 weeks

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