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Pedestal Hiatus, brass

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There is charm in the details. Airy Hiatus with elegant curves is a unique interior element both in the home environment and in the public space. the three-module pedestal can be made into both a compact support table and an elongated chain. Therefore, it is possible to use the object as an auxiliary table for effects, as a stylish flower stand or as an elegant room divider for privacy by placing taller plants and other accessories on the table surface. 

With geometric shapes, Hiatus brings a decorative element to an empty area of ​​the interior and makes it expressively eye-catching at that moment.

In addition to the gold tone, the Hiatus table is also available in black.

DIMENSIONS: width 53.4cm, depth 22cm, height 75cm

MATERIAL: brass coated steel

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 3-5 weeks

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