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Nordic Design Home started in the spring of 2017. The interior design store, which started as an online store, immediately attracted a lot of interest, and already in the summer we opened a pop-up store. For the autumn, the plan was certain - we moved to a permanent surface in Kalamaja at Kopli 6, where in addition to the interior, a coffee bar also got its place. The two-in-one lifestyle store quickly found fans among locals as well as more distant visitors.

With the rapid growth of the company, the collection of our brands changed and the previous more trendy selection was replaced by a timeless design classic. The area so far remained small and it was also time to move from the neighborhood of Kalamaja to the noise of the city center. Due to fate, the ideal space was vacated in the Saarinen House, which has been admired for years, where we settled in the spring of 2020.

Today, the entire 8-room apartment-style rooms on the second floor of the building have the most unique interior design store in the city. On a surface of more than two hundred square meters, there is a wide selection of modern Scandinavian furniture, lighting, accessories and a lot of inspiring ideas for furnishing both home and public space.



Memories of the times of Kopli Street:

Photo: Krõõt Tarkmeel