Accessory for plant box Plant Box, tray, black brass
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Accessory for plant box Plant Box, tray, black brass

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With various accessories, you can turn the original Plant Box into a stylish and multifunctional item. Combine accessories to create a unique piece of furniture that meets your needs and environment. 

Choose between separators, pots, containers and trays in different colors or combine them according to your needs and tastes - so you can use one plant box in many ways to plant plants, store books, magazines and other items, as well as a modern helper or sofa table. The result is an effective and practical piece of furniture that is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

This product is a black brass tray that can be placed on top of a plant box. The tray creates a nice-looking place to store decorative or practical accessories. It is also good to hide other necessary trinkets and accessories under the tray.

You will find a suitable plant box with accessories from here

DIMENSIONS: width 26cm, height 2.5cm, depth 26cm

MATERIAL: black brass

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