Dining table Mogan, different colors, 70x70cm / 80x80cm

Dining table Mogan, different colors, 70x70cm / 80x80cm

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Mogan is a minimalist style outdoor table that is well suited for both modern and classic surroundings. The strong center leg and support plate ensure the stability of the table, which is further enhanced by the adjustable buttons under the plate on uneven ground. The table with a simple line is classically beautiful and leaves the possibility to add personality to the terrace or balcony with dining chairs in different styles.

The versatile choice of colors allows the table to easily adapt to the environment in any tone.

Vermobil's classic Italian terrace furniture is of high quality and extremely resistant to weather conditions. High-quality and durable materials ensure the long-term durability of the product and are therefore valued in both homes and public spaces. 

You can find out more about the full range of materials and colors Pärnu mnt 10 representative store, where we are happy to help you make a choice. 

DIMENSIONS: table top 70x70cm / 80x80cm, height 75cm


The metal is coated with certified QUALICOAT thermosetting polyester powder paint. Possible additional epoxy primer before finishing.

WEIGHT: 23kg / 26kg

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 4-6 weeks

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