Carpet Berber Ayur, beige, different sizes
Chhatwal & Jonsson

Carpet Berber Ayur, beige, different sizes

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Woven rug Berber Ayur is handmade in northern India, in the Uttar Pradesh region, where rugs have been woven since the 16th century. The carpets are made of high quality and organic material. The combination of geometric pattern and natural colors creates an impressive modern carpet, which at the same time has not lost the authenticity of the craft. Natural wool and cotton provide an inviting warm and soft footbed.


It is recommended to clean the carpet regularly with a vacuum cleaner in a gentle mode, moving towards the fiber. Do not rub or bleach vigorously. Fiber removal is a normal process for natural carpets, which should decrease within 2-3 months. If a stain gets on the carpet, it should be cleaned immediately by moving from the edges to the center of the stain. It is recommended to use a base net under the carpet.

DIMENSIONS: 180x270cm / 230x320cm / special size, height 1.5cm, which may vary as the carpet is hand trimmed

MATERIAL: 80% wool, 20% cotton 

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks

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