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Wall cabinet NYNY, 165x200cm, different colors

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Design: Storagemilano, 2020

The furniture in the NYNY series, designed by Storagemilano, expresses the interdependence of design, architecture and art, drawing inspiration from typical postmodernist styles as well as the graphic playfulness of the 1980s. The reference to architecture is also reflected in its name - NYNY (New York, New York). The wall cabinet is a tribute to the New Museum of Contemporary Art, whose building is reminiscent of the archetypal forms of the Babylonian ziggurate.

The NYNY wall cabinet is defined by the asymmetrical composition of the geometric shapes, which is further emphasized by its intense color scheme and choice of materials. In the wall cabinet version, the metal wall mount holds four modules, the lower two of which are drawers and the upper two are cabinets.


* This is a custom-made product

See the PDF product page here

DIMENSIONS: width 165cm, height 200cm, depth 45cm

MATERIAL: lacquered wood, rattan, metal

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 6-8 weeks

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